Some of the personal animation projects I have worked on. You can see more on my Youtube channel.

All characters voiced and animated by me, unless otherwise stated.

Best Bud Blues
My animated short film inspired by our little Miniature Pinscher, Jeff.

I wrote the lyrics, animated and designed the film, and the music was composed and performed by Jonny Blundell at Rootspring Studios. (

The backgrounds are based on the landscapes of the Overberg, and Helderberg areas of the Western Cape.

The Kung Fu Student
A little piece of animation I made recently.
I used the Scouse sheep character in a previous video as well. There’s a naive innocence about him that I quite like.
The crocodile’s voice started out as an impression of Japanese American actor, Mako Iwamatsu, but it kind of mutated into its own thing.
The cricket and frog sounds were recorded at La Residence in Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

An aristocratic animated rooster reacts to a betrayal.
I often come up with these weird voices and characters, and create little situations, so I thought it would be nice to start animating again, and incorporate some of the dialogue.
This is a short bit from a longer sequence that I have in mind.

The Bridge Troll
Another experiment in limited animation for me.
I came up with the Bridge Troll after making up dialogue while doing an impression of Billy Connolly. I have been wanting to animate the little Scouse lamb for ages, and I decided this would be a good first test for the lamb as an animated character.
All animation and voices by me.

Whoopi Gold­berg
My ani­mated impres­sion of Whoopi Gold­berg.
Whoopi is one of the few female impres­sions I do and I thought it would make a funny ani­mated short.
I’m basi­cally prac­tic­ing my lim­ited ani­ma­tion with these short videos.

Frogney Dangerfield
I was doing some drawings of actors and comedians as animals, and I drew a very Rodney Dangerfield-like frog. I then started coming up with stuff “Frogney Dangerfield” would say in his act.

Johnny Vegas
A short animation I made based on my impression of Johnny Vegas.
I’m a big fan of Mr Vegas, and I always find him at his funniest when hes berating the crowd.