The Bridge Troll (Animated piece)

I have always wanted to make cartoons, but I only started animating for the first time about 2 years ago.
It has been lots of fun playing around, and I have recently started posting some very short clips of animation on Vimeo and Youtube.

I started with some celebrity impressions, but I have now decided to start using the basis of the voice to create new characters.
So I was recently doing Billy Connolly impressions, and started ad-libbing dialogue, when I thought his voice would be a good inspiration for the voice of a troll character. I Then started sketching the characters. I recorded the dialogue and started animation.
It’s only a short 15 second clip, but I have bigger plans for these characters.

What I find fun about these is I have complete creative control over the characters. I design, voice and animate them.

Check out the latest video here:

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