Live wedding caricatures at Hidden Valley in Stellenbosch

A few of the pics from a wedding I sketched caricatures at, at Hidden Valley, in Stellenbosch.

I sketched about 80 or so caricatures this evening.

Some beautiful scenery around the venue as well.

 I love working in the Cape. There are gorgeous views everywhere.


2 responses to “Live wedding caricatures at Hidden Valley in Stellenbosch”

  1. Simon Ellinas Avatar

    EIGHTY caricatures in an evening? How long were you there for? The caricatures are great, with an economy of line but with that satisfying thick-thin variation that marks out a true professional. What pen do you use?

    1. martinus Avatar

      Hi Simon.
      Thanks for the lovely comments.
      I was at the wedding for about 5 hours. I draw with a medium Pentel Aquash brush ( , which I fill with fast drying acrylic ink. (I think it might be a South African brand but it's called Dala)
      I use pure black for the outlines, and two shades of grey for the shading. The grey is just the black watered down. The ink dries amazingly fast, even when it has been diluted to about 5 parts ink, 95 parts water, making it ideal for quickie caricatures.