Live caricatures for Mugg and Bean at Kieviets Kroon Estate

I was joined by my colleagues, Theodore Key and Sandra Kellerman to sketch caricatures for a Mugg and Bean event at Kietviets Kroon Estate in Pretoria.

They hung all the drawings up with clothes pegs, and it was great seeing the guests mingling among their pics and pointing out the noses and chins on their colleague’s caricatures.

It’s always nice working with other caricaturists, and we always influence each other, even if it’s just in a way we draw an eyelash or shade a beard.

Check out Theo’s website here: and Sandra’s here:

 Me, Sandra and Theo

Some of my sketches below

 Some of Theo’s pics below

More of mine

Some of Sandra’s pics on the left in the pic below.

Close ups of Theo’s pics below.

Some of the crowd looking at their caricatures




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