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  • Yet another crocodilian

    Yet another crocodilian

    I am fairly obsessed with drawing alligators and crocodiles, and with a recent return to illustrating with actual paint instead of digital media, one of my first pics was of course of an alligator. I tried to keep the colour palette more subdued than usual and I specifically avoided certain colours completely. As much as…

  • A pig on a farm

    A pig on a farm

    A quick watercolour doodle of a pig with a bow tie.I love the look of the textured paper.

  • The getaway (A sneaky fox)

    The getaway (A sneaky fox)

    One of our dogs was recently caught stealing food off of our tables, which inspired this illustration. I’m really enjoying working with watercolour, and I’m thinking of starting work on a children’s book.I included a pied crow in the background, as they are very common in the Western Cape, and I find them fascinating.