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  • Watercolour Caricatures for Wedding Place Cards

    I was commissioned by Dora and Scott to draw caricatures from photos for them to use as place card settings at their wedding reception. These caricatures were drawn with ink and painted in watercolour on watercolour paper. I love sketching at weddings, but I also enjoy the more pastoral experience of working from my studio…

  • Staff Caricatures at La Ferme Derik

    Jolene from La Ferme Derik venue asked me to sketch caricature portraits of her and her staff. La Ferme Derik is a lovely venue in Southern Paarl just off the R44.

  • Blackboard Bungle Children’s Poem

    Whenever I’m driving my car to an event, I’m always thinking up poems. I often send the work in progress to my dad, the author Tinus Horn. We’ll send it back and forth each adding a line or a stanza or swapping a word for a better one. Then once we are both happy with…